Black Masterbatches Ultra-jetness Blown Film

Extrusion Film Black masterbatches is made of carbon black with high concentration and special polythene resin as carrier, and then heating in internal mixer. It is a kind of high coloring strength masterbatches. Products widely exported to Europe, America, and Middle East etc. Welcome every client to visit our factory for cooperation.

Product properties: easy dispersion, high concentration carbon black, high blackness, good temperature tolerance.

Grades: main high, middle and low three grades.

Carbon black content: 20%-50%, as per customer`s requirements.

Usage: mainly used in thermoplastic plastics, such as extruding, plastics packing, injection, blowing gritting, textile board, sheet, wire and cable, printing film etc.

Proposal dosage: low grade 1-5% ( as per carbon black content and product property requirement).

Package king: 25kg Bags.

Storage condition: stored in the lucifuge, ventilation, low temperature, sealing, dry and taintless environment. Can`t touch with poisonous and polluted cargos.