Black Masterbatches 103 for General-purpose films is an economy black low density polyethylene based masterbatch containing high opacity carbon black. This product is designed for general-purpose films with high tinting strength, especially for use in LDPE and HDPE.


BLACK 103 is designed for ease of dispersion and is therefore suitable for direct addition and mixing with plastic resins in mixer, avoiding pollution and mal-scattering problems caused by pigment.

Range :

designed for use in LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE and PP.

Application :

Blown molding, extruded wire, extruded tube, etc.

Physical Properties:

Carrier: LLDPE
Pigment Content: Carbon Black 20-50%
Density: 1112kg/m3
Melt Index: 4.2g/10min
Water: ≤0.15%
Compatibility: LDPE, HDPE, PP and Ethylene copolymer

Quoted test results should not be used for specification purposes but are typical test values intended for guidance only without warranty.


Packing in 25KG/bags, KP compound bag, PP bag. It should be stored in a dry place.