Blown film industry

This applies to most of the high and low voltage film blowing machine industry, the user can according to need, don’t change the original process, and can obtain the ideal color products. Selects the import high melanin carbon black, cooperate with the general polyethylene and EVA, PE as the carrier, and through high heat mixing to become the of black masterbatch with high concentration, high tinting strength and high dispersion performance, etc.

Application range: such as double layer co-extrusion, three-tier co-extrusion rotary machine, composite.

Applied in: Courier bags, shopping bags, garbage bags, shrink film, folder chain bag, convenient bag, plastic film, packaging bags, etc.

Advantages: bright color, strong tinting strength, uniform dispersion, easy to use, simple process, no dust pollution,

Suitable plastic type :PP、PE、PS、ABS、PET、EVA.