Pipe industry

Polyethylene pipes black masterbatch is made with high-grade blown film grade low density polyethylene as the carrier, carbon black ith a high concentration and imported high quality fertilizer. The imported carbon black pigment special for pipes and fittings , with resistance to ultraviolet radiation and good corrosion resistance, good mouldproof effect (low sulphur content), good dispersibility, is especially suitable for polyethylene pipes.

Suitable for all kinds of HDPE and LDPE pipes.

This black masterbatch has excellent dispersibility, products can be according to certain proportion directly adding extrusion or extrusion after premixing.

PP/PE pipes black masterbatch can effectively reduce the pits of the outer wall of pipeline, draw lines, no peculiar smell, color black and shiny, non-toxic, conforming to the hygiene standards on water pipes, strong weatherability, greatly improving the service life of the water pipes.