Sheet material

Tt is a kind of high performance black masterbatch with good light resistance and transference resistance. With very good dispersion, high tinting strength, high gloss and high transparency in thermoplastic material, the black masterbatch can provide customers with a wide range of chemical and technical properties and economic colouring solution!

The carbon black masterbatch, Fog as carrier with advanced technology production, adopted high carbon black pigment with ultrafine particles, for engineering plastics modification and production design, effectively solved the engineering plastics is sensitive to other carrier due to add strengthen ore objects or additives. As the fog is as carrier for the design production, when the effectivly resloved for the dispersion problem, at the same time, overcome the bad dyeing and unequal dispersion characteristics, and provide great convenience for engineering plastics dyeing.

Improveing the engineering plastic high blackness, high brightness and ensureing engineering plastics original physical properties, the carrier free black masterbatch our company researched and developed fully can solve this a series of problems and reach the same performance level.